Drugs & Alcohol Support

Drugs / Alcohol Family Support

Baldoyle Family Resource Service offers a safe, confidential and non-judgemental service to support family members affected by drug and or alcohol use.

We provide :

  • Addiction Counselling
  • One to one support
  • Family Support
  • Education /Prevention work
  • Stress management/Mindfulness Courses
  • Support for problem gambling


Schools Programmes

The Living Skills Programme

The Living Skills Programme is a planned programme of education on alcohol and drug awareness.  The programme is delivered by 2 experienced drug and alcohol prevention work programme facilitators; Niamh Dowdall – Drug and Alcohol Support Worker from Baldoyle Family Resource Service and Vanessa Hoare - Prevention and Education Worker with the Dublin North East Drugs Task Force.   The programme runs once a week for roughly 60 minutes over three consecutive weeks. The programme is designed to be interactive, energetic, fun and encourages discussion and participation in the group.  The programme enables young people to make informed decisions that promote responsible and safe choices. 
The programme also dispels many of the myths and stereotypes of alcohol and drug use.  The facilitators work with the young people engaging them in a process of problem solving and decision making that positively affects their lives.  Facilitators include both individual work and small group work in each session.

Working Things Out

Working Things Out Programme is a positive Mental Health Programme to help young people build communication and conflict resolution skills in order to help them improve their relationships within their families, in school and in the community. This is an eight week programme, with sessions lasting roughly an hour and a half. For more information on availing of these programmes contact Niamh at 01-8326115. .

Stress Management and mindfulness or Youth Mental Health

The centre runs a number of stress management/mindfulness courses. These run on an ongoing basis throughout the year. For more information or details of upcoming courses contact reception. We are currently running a number of Mental Health workshops for teenagers; Yoga, stress management, aromatherapy and mindfulness. We also run Yoga courses for Teenagers and children

Drug/Alcohol family Support

Drug Awareness Programmes

The centre offers a number of drug awareness programmes for the community. Staff facilitate a four week drug awareness programme for parents of teenagers in the area.  The staff also facilitates drug awareness programmes to students in the local schools. This programme is called ‘The Living Skills Programme’, and is delivered in partnership with the local drug task force. This is currently being delivered to students in Pobalscoil Neasáin and Grange Community School.
  • Adult addiction

  • Family Support

  • Adolescent Substance Issues

  • Misuse Support 

We offer additional one to one addiction counselling for parents or partners dealing with a family member’s addiction issues.
Contact (01) 832 6115 or email counsellingcoordinator@bfrs.ie 
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Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is behaviour related to gambling which causes harm to the gambler and those around them including family and friends. If someone is struggling to control their gambling behaviour it can cause stress, depression, anxiety, relationship breakdowns or they may have problems at work and worry about money.

  • Get support when you need it

  • Understand the risks

  • Recognise the problem

  • Learn to manage it



Email: gamblingsupport@bfrs.ie or text: (089) 244 3313


“Baldoyle family resource services CLG is a charitiable organisation (Charity No. CHY1300; RCN: 20039356)”.