About Us

About Us

Baldoyle Family Resource Services CLG. was founded in 1999 and serves the communities of Baldoyle and surrounding areas.   The aim of the organisation is to empower local people in the building of a viable and supportive community; to enable families to develop their own talents by education and training; to support communities through services which enhance the local development and well-being of the community and to work with local community groups and other agencies on issues and projects of common interest.

Baldoyle Family Resource Services CLG is funded by TUSLA , Dublin North East Drugs Task Force and supported by various funding streams in Fingal County Council and other small grant schemes.

The Board of Management is made up of residents from the local community who provide leadership, support and guidance to the work of the centre and the staff team.

Mission Statement

Baldoyle Family Resource Services CLG are committed to contributing to a better community spirit by creating an open and welcoming centre that enables the personal and community development of individuals and families through support, information, advice, recreational and educational services.

Guiding Principles/ Statement of Values

We work in a way that acknowledges the needs of individuals, respects diversity, promotes honesty and co-operation and values confidentiality.

Useful Links

We have gathered a list of useful links, to there services that might be of interest.


“Baldoyle family resource services CLG is a charitiable organisation (Charity No. CHY1300; RCN: 20039356)”.